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chandler ceviz fidaniChandler walnut saplings which is originated as an imported walnut and for the last 5 years our country has become very popular for planting.

Chandler's greatest advantage is early fruit delivery. Because the yield of fruit is high, the return of investment you make will be very positive.

fernetteFernette walnut sapling is Fernor’s pollinizer species of French origin.

It blossoms late and adapts to areas where there is continental climate.

fernor walnut saplingsFernor walnut saplings are French origin and can be planted in high altitude areas.

In addition to being an efficient walnut type, it can be planted in areas with an altitude range of 0-1800 meters.

In other words, starting from the sea level, 1800 meters high areas found in the planting.

Fernor walnut is not affected by seasonal damages that may occur in certain periods.

Fernor walnut tree is a durable tree that is not susceptible to cold.

FRANQUETTEYou can order outdoor rooted walnut saplings from our company. Do not plant walnut seedlings without knowing our prices for scubated walnut saplings.

Please ask firms that sells walnut saplings with prices that are below the market price about where to get the genus, the neck, the position of the place, where it grows, and the walnut seedlings' origin.

Remember, the easiest thing to lose is the time. Do not let your time and effort go to waste.


The origin of Pedro walnut is America. It is a X Payne hybrid. It undertakes the task of being pollinator for early flowering varieties. Despite this feature, it blooms late. The need for cooling is 400-1800 hours and it is recommended that the planting area be temperate zones. It is harvested towards the end of September.

walnut nursery caner

Caner Nursery is among the first walnut saplings growing company in the region since 1990, working in the awareness of the responsibility of the service given by the principle of customer satisfaction. Caner Nursery is managed by Necati ÇIPA; It provides sale and after-sale (planting and maintenance) services of all walnut seedlings, especially chandler produced by Bandirma's Sahil Yenice Village. Details