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New Season Outdoor Rooted Walnut Saplings on Selling

fernetteFernette walnut sapling is Fernor’s pollinizer species of French origin.

It blossoms late and adapts to areas where there is continental climate.

Features of Fernette Walnut Saplings Fruit

Fernette walnut sapling is a fruitful walnut sapling varieties with side branches and can fertilize Fernor walnut sapling. The original standing walnut must be planted as a pollinizer by 1 / 20 of the amount.

Features of Fernette Walnut Saplings Fruit

The average weight of Fernette walnut fruit is 14-15 gr. The walnut weight is 7.5 gr and the internal efficiency is 49-50%. Besides this, the walnut is easy to separate from the crust, the inside is white. Similar to Fernor, it is harvested in September.

Fernette Ceviz Fidanı Siparişi

You can buy rooted and scubated Fernette walnut saplings that are completely vaccinated and certificated from our company safely.

walnut nursery caner

Caner Nursery is among the first walnut saplings growing company in the region since 1990, working in the awareness of the responsibility of the service given by the principle of customer satisfaction. Caner Nursery is managed by Necati ÇIPA; It provides sale and after-sale (planting and maintenance) services of all walnut seedlings, especially chandler produced by Bandirma's Sahil Yenice Village. Details