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New Season Outdoor Rooted Walnut Saplings on Selling

Walnut Saplings for sale from Turkey

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Now, when you are setting up a walnut garden that has become a profitable investment tool, you can order what you need to look out for below.

Minor mistakes you may make while making a profitable investment for your future can have big consequences. If you do not want to encounter such problems like this, do not buy walnut seedlings without consulting to Caner Nursery company.

We, as Caner Nursery, produce our walnut saplings as ourselves and present the safety of it to you.

Walnut seedlings are vaccinated towards 1 st grade and all are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.

We send discounted seedlings to your address with contracted cargo companies.

Walnut Saplings Price 2019-2020

Our walnut sapling price from 2 USD. Please contact us.

New Season Bare Rooted Walnut Saplings

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Sale of first hand walnut saplings from producer to public
CANER WALNUT NURSERY -- +90 536 981 12 40

Walnut Seedlings For Sale - New Season!

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New Season bare-root walnut saplings are on sale.





Please take advantage of the early ordering advantages to send us your pre-orders of open-rooted walnut seedlings in 1st class chandler, fernor and other foreign species between 1 and 2.5 meters long.

You can now reserve the desired walnut seedlings and take them at the season.

As Caner Nursery we are proud to present our varieties of Vaccinated Walnut and Certificated Walnut Saplings which we produce and sell for 2019-2020.

"We do not send any kind of seedlings that we do not deserve to our own gardens to our customers, we do not send them."

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Things to Watch Out for When Walnut Saplings Are Standing;

  • First of all, the friends who will be gardening should take the soil sample from the field and apply to the Bornova Agricultural Research Institute and make the necessary inspections and determine the suitability for walnut and almond planting.
  • When choosing a variety, choose the variety that is appropriate for your particular destination, rather than our own choice. Our company will give you the most suitable and productive variety.
  • When planting seedlings as Caner nursery, we give the required information free of charge, after planting, if necessary. We always support our seedlings.
  • After planting open-rooted seedlings, we help to develop by cutting 60-70 cm hills on March (with waterproof paste , vaccine paste).
  • As our foreign varieties will show fruit in the first year, take the first 2-3 years of fruit. Because your tree grows firmly and gives comfortable fruits.

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Differences Of Vaccinated Walnut Saplings

When you get 30 seedlings per acre, you will get your first crop after 1-3 years. It is thin crusted and the fruit is white and full, allowing buyers to choose. This type of walnut, which has a protein content of 17 percent, is also sold in many markets in our country and is consumed in a short time. Walnut, which is a healthy food source, is resistant to - 20 degrees when it grows healthy.

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Caner Nursery is among the first walnut saplings growing company in the region since 1990, working in the awareness of the responsibility of the service given by the principle of customer satisfaction. Caner Nursery is managed by Necati ÇIPA; It provides sale and after-sale (planting and maintenance) services of all walnut seedlings, especially chandler produced by Bandirma's Sahil Yenice Village. Details